Rumi Ka Makbara

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Rumi ka Makbara

Rumi Ka Makbara

Rumi ka Makbara

This place is known as the Tomb of Maulana Rumi. According to acertain tradition, Maulana Rumi was a Saint. The architecture of this tomb is hexagonal. This monument is five to six hunderd years old. Some speak of Rumi as a Turkish trader while others take him to be a commander of some army unit. Indian Antiquary, Volume IV of octomber 1875, has published a biography including precepts of the great Sufi Saint Jelal-al-din Rumi. This monument appears to have been constructed in his sacred memory.


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Sardar Taimur Hyat-Khan

Monday January 27th, 2020 at 9:43 am

Sir, My Research tells me that this is the Tomb of Hazrat Shah Khizr Rumiرحمة الله عليه , A Qalandar from Rum, Turkey. He was Granted Khilafat and Permission from Hazrat Bakhtiar Kaki رحمة الله عليه . He is the Pir of Hazrat Najmuddin Qalandarرحمة الله عليه Ghaus e Dhar, who is Buried in Naalcha Town attached Ghati Nowshera near Killa Garh Mandu, District Dhar, Malva (Madhya Pradesh) Province, India.
Wisaal: 20 Zilhajj 837 AH; 28 July, 1434 CE, Monday (Al Ithnayn).

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